Thursday, July 2, 2009

Decisions, Decisions

More on summer voice lessons...

Since I'm registered with the music school for four 45 minute lessons, I could either get a refund OR take the lessons with a different teacher.

So now I don't know what to do... how weird would it be to switch to someone new for just a few lessons? In theory I feel like it'd be good - A new teacher brings a new perspective, a new way of looking at things, a different teaching style and so on. On the other hand, I have built a trusting relationship with my current teacher. I joke that my voice lessons are like psychology treatments. Part of that is simply having the 45 minutes to myself (meaning, no child saying mommymommymommymommy), part of it is the release I get from the music and part of it is because of my relationship with my teacher - I can tell her anything. She knows where my insecurities lie. (ooh, double entendre [minus the racy part]!) So how would that trust and familiarity affect lessons with someone else? Especially knowing that it's just for a few lessons? If I were looking for a new teacher, yeah, I'd meet with different teachers over the summer. On the other hand, perhaps I'd end up with another psychologist! And then my biggest fear: What if I like the summer teacher better than my current teacher?

Then, of course, I will ignore all that and just be too lazy to make the phone call(s) to find out the who/where/when of it all. They'll refund my tuition automatically and I'll apply it to a trip to the Met this coming season.

There. Problem solved AND opera ticket guilt absolved as well.

Blogging saves the day!


Susan Eichhorn-Young said...

You might enjoy the EXPERIENCE! Why not just try it and not worry about better/worse - and PLEASE, with all respect, do not think we are psychologists!! We are VOICE TEACHERS!!! (and we don't get paid enough to be the shrink!)

Susan said...

Oh, I don't think of my teacher as a psychologist. The entire lesson is good for me, psychologically. I think what I'm really wondering is if I'd get the same full benefit with another teacher.

I'm still deciding about the lessons - don't know when the other teachers are available, and I'd have to factor childcare/Husband's schedule into the picture. They still have my money so we'll see!

Thanks for your response!