Friday, August 15, 2008

Going Forward With a Short Inspirational Rewind

Remember all summer I kept talking about how wonderful a performer Elizabeth Caballero is? Here's one of her recent YouTube uploads:

Too bad there's no video. As awesome as she sounds, watching her is even more ... what's the word... emotional? Enjoyable? Inspiring? Quick, someone break out a thesaurus!

And speaking of inspiring, I haven't forgotten about my own singing aspirations. This week I had some sort of vocal breakthrough - I was doing a warm-up along with a taped lesson and suddenly I was able to sing higher than I ever had - beyond where I went in the recording of the lesson. (I believe the high note of the lesson was a C or C#, not sure because I don't let myself look at the piano) I felt the change in my throat, in my abs, in my insides, in my head. It was mental and physical. I've been able to repeat it a couple times. Now that I know it's in there, in me, I just have to figure out how to get to that place again. And I think that part of my ability to even get there at all, besides having a break from lessons and the pressure I put on myself with them, was from paying attention this summer, watching Liz do her thing, watching her not only throw herself into the character, but also watching her physicality - the shape of her mouth as she sang different notes and different vowels, how she held her shoulders, her posture, and so on. I paid attention to all of it. So she doesn't even know it, but she helped me increase my range. Thanks for the inspiration!

Now the question is, how do I reproduce what I've done? It's a zone and I have to enter it. This is so frustrating because I can't adequately express how I got there, and that's part of the problem of trying to do it again. Maybe that's it - I have to not try and express it, and instead, just, I don't know, experience it.

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