Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Pa Pa... Pa?

Recently came across this silly gem on YouTube. According to the viewer comments, and we all know how accurate they always are, this guy is a tv talk show host type person. Looks to me like he's familiar with the duet but is seeing and singing the music for the first time. Not a bad effort!

So get ready for the silly with a healthy heaping side of Cecilia's amazing voice!


poltergeist said...

Oh, great video, I can't stop laughing, Cecilia is so funny. It's not a bad effort from the TV guy, is it?
I think he's the same guy who sang "Look at the right side of life" with Rolando Villazón once.

DivaVixxen said...

LOVE her!

poltergeist said...

ADORE her!

Susan said...

Oooh a love competition! Divavixxen, I think you've been challenged!

Moneta H.B. said...

Just had to say that this was hilarious. Thanks!