Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lady Godiva

Nathan Gunn and Allison Bell in Love and Other Demons

In my last post, I mentioned that I know what boys like.
And I do - it's the hair. It's all about the hair. It's always been about the hair.

Me, age 7.

Me, age 25ish? at a "Come as the Devil" Halloween party.

So anyway, who's gonna tell the writer that Mr. Gunn has had previous "major UK opera house" appearances???


Operaguy said...

Maybe it was the appearance that's major, not the opera house? In which case, it would be correct (his first major appearance at a UK opera house).

Susan said...

Yeah, I kind of thought the same thing afterwards. Doesn't matter.

It's that hair - I can't stop looking at her long red curly hair. I mean I know it's a wig. My hair has been long, but never that long. It gets too straggly at a certain length past my waist - so I think I'm wistful as I look at that wig and wonder.