Monday, August 25, 2008

All The Numbers

So now I have a vague idea of how many people read La Cieca. Here are the YouTube stats on that video:

Clicks URL

Let's see, that's uh... 501? Just from his page, just in one day. Even if everyone watched it twice (which I doubt) that's still over 250. The video itself has 645 views.

Thanks, La Cieca!

Hmm that means that hundreds of people have seen my messy living room. Ok so... that's a New York Yankees blanket on the floor. I put it there because I was attempting to do pilates (that didn't last) and figured it'd be more pleasant to lie on a fleecy surface. So pleasant that I almost fell asleep... The big cardboard box in the middle of the floor I brought home from work last week so we could make it into a car. We never did put the paper-plate wheels on but it had a radio and a cup-holder. There are big plastic bins around where we attempt to contain things but unless he's asleep or not home the containment fields are continuously breached. Umm... couldn't find Mr Potato Head's nose (even though we have 2) so that upper mouth is actually a nose. A mouth nose. He doesn't have two mouths - that would be silly. Oh and that looks like a giant "husband" pillow hanging off the couch, and the futon is practically sliding off the frame because a certain someone in the house likes to jump on it even though it's against the rules. So his love of opera does not prevent him from dumping his toys all over the room and jumping on the couch. Just like the rest of us opera-lovers, right?

So now would be a good time to report Alex's latest musical comment. We were listening to Barbiere in the car - La Calumnia. It's a bass part. Alex said, "This music is far down inside him." I asked him to clarify - did he mean, far down, like, a low note, or far down in his body?
"I mean in his pipes, where they connect. They must connect far down in his body."
Meaning, his throat. I thought that was interesting. Then we played "find the coloratura" and identified when the singers were singing "jumpy" coloratura and when it was regular operatic singing. Easy peasy. Then we got to Target, where I ran in to get 1 thing and spent $98. There's a reason we call it the hundred dollar store...

Today Alex started singing this. The reason I mention it is because about 2 weeks ago he asked to see that video about 20 times in a row, no kidding. Then that was it... until today when he started singing it. All afternoon. And now it's stuck in my head. A catchy little ditty but still...

And speaking of still -

I'm still debating on the Lucretia tickets. I just went here and typed in,

Should I pay the extra $75 and get the opera ticket now?

And the answer: My sources say no.

Humph. What do its sources know anyway.

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