Monday, April 7, 2008


That's over Fille-ed, actually.

Someone at work is selling 2 tickets to the 4/26 matinee, balcony row B, seats 13 & 15, $75 each. Denise and I were going to see it in the movies that day, but decided that being there, in the balcony, was infinitely better than having the wonderful view the movies give you. So now I have two movie tickets for sale, and if anyone pops up and is interested in my orchestra seat for Fri, May 2, I'll sell that too.



Parsifal said...

I wouldnt sell it...Believe me, you 'll want to see these two fellas again and again...

Susan said...

I don't mind going twice, although it is a bit of a pain (and an expense) to get to New York. But the movie tickets... I can't be in the movie theater (cinema) and the Met at the same time, and I choose the Met... so I'm hoping to sell the movie tickets!