Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fashion Advice Please!

What to wear to Zankel Hall next week?

I think the "My Eyes Are Up Here" shirt is a go. So the flowery purple skirt and black pumps, or the slightly longer, slightly more flowy black skirt with black knee-high boots? The boots have a chunky heel.

Sorry, shoes are not pictured. Use your imagination and Hey! Stop looking at my unmade bed and frizzed-out hair.

I have a preference for which outfit but I'm interested to hear what You, The Reader, think.


Anonymous said...

That's QUITE an alluring smile in the second picture. RAWR!

Parsifal said...

Total black for i-phone Susan!

Susan said...

Ok ok I agree, that frown of concentration is a bit... ugly. I took a new pic this morning and added it to the post.

Why do I suddenly feel like I have an annoying little brother? Hahahahaha!

Carlos said...

The second one ;)