Monday, September 7, 2009

List Time at the Circus

So much to do and remember! Time to make lists.

Let's start with stuff NOT related to music/opera/etc:

Alex starts kindergarten on Wednesday!!!!!!! I can't believe it. Still have to get some things together for him - they gave us a long list! I have everything on the list except a 4x6 photo. Who prints photos? So tomorrow I'll have to run out to one of those photo stands in the local pharmacy and print a pic. Maybe I can get Husband to do it in the morning... Hmm...
I have to fill out a bunch of forms and stick them in a folder, then I have to get that and all his other stuff together into his backpack.. Then I have to sleep without having another one of those "OHMYGOD it's Alex's first day of school and we're going for a walk in the wrong direction and he's still in his pajamas and the other kids are on their way and there's no way we'll get home, get him dressed and get his stuff together to make it to school on time and then we'll get lost on the way there and by the time we get to school they'll be leaving for the day," dreams, like I had the other night. I thought I was done with those once I graduated from college. I guess now I'll have them for Alex until he's old enough to have them himself.


That's really the only non-opera/music thing on the list. But it's pretty much the biggest thing on my mind this week, and it has temporarily replaced opera as the thing that's keeping me awake.

The rest of the list:

  • Prepare for Saturday's voice lesson - music, CDs, blank tapes
  • Call my voice teacher to see if we can tack on the extra time this and next week before Alex starts HIS music class.
  • Call that local opera/singer group to find out about potential opportunities
  • Possibly attend an "(local town) Friends of Opera Meetup Group" meeting/reception on Sunday... must RSVP by Friday.
Ok I think that's it, list-wise.

Alex has been into Adam and the Ants lately. That, and he likes the thunderstorm scene in the Met's version of La Cenerentola, when the umbrella catches on fire. Adam and the Ants... Rossini... Adam and the Ants... Rossini... It's like a circus at my house.

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