Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kar-a-OH NO!-ke

Found out this weekend that I stink at karaoke. I'm not surprised. I was at this work-sponsored picnic. One of my coworkers, one who sang in the chorus in that talent show at work, kept telling everyone that I was an opera singer. Um... no...? But then people were like, oh, you can't do karaoke because you'll show us all up. Um... no...? So I finally broke down when my manager started "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," but she was trying to sing it straight. I stood next to her and whispered, "Psst... Imitate Cyndi" and she did, and I joined in, and it was silly and fun. Then we switched over the kids' songs and I sang Row Row Row Your Boat with the 5 year olds. Much more my speed. It was very casual - someone set a computer up on a picnic table and we stood in between the tables. I spent most of my time squinting at the words. Well not at the words to Row Row... but you know what I mean. You do have to watch the dots light up so you know where you are in the music.

So anyway it's good to know that my suspicions were correct re: my lack of party karaoke skill, because one of my friends is having a stage with karaoke next month at her annual crazy over-the-top Halloween party. Of course there will be alcohol so anything goes. Luckily yesterday I realized that we have an entire karaoke section in the On Demand section of our tv service, so I'll have plenty of time to practice "Hopelessly Devoted" whilst sober before Halloween.

Opera Karaoke,
on the other hand, I can handle. I especially like them when their site is actually working, unlike at the moment when it seems to be down. Read about them here instead.

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lol, squinting at the words to row row row-jimmy