Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Link: Wonder of Voice

Thanks to the incestuous nature of social networking sites, I have discovered another great blog out there. The Wonder of Voice is written by a voice teacher from (possibly in?) Finland. Really good advice there and she's only just started! Writing the blog, that is... not teaching voice. And how did I find her? I got an email notification from Twitter that a new person was following me. I always check out the profiles of people who follow me (and of people who leave comments on YouTube videos I've posted) and her Twitter profile has a link to her blog.

I think I just got dizzy, going in that circle. I better get used to it.

he reason to view the profiles of people who follow you on twitter is because the porno sites follow you in hopes, I suppose, that you won't notice... I like the twitter block function almost as much as the facebook one... It occasionally happens on YouTube too.


Frescamari said...

Thanks for letting me know about that blog. It's a great one to add to my collection.

I want to start twittering, and now you've mentioned a first good reason to start. But I'm not sure I won't be a boring twitterer.

Susan said...

Sometimes opera companies list ticket deals on twitter only, which is yet another good reason to join.
My tweets are always a variation of "Opera still keeping me awake, read all about it at (link)"
You can search keywords to find opera houses, singers, voice teachers, etc.

Frescamari said...

good tip! Thanks! I'll have to keep reading your blog to expand my horizons.