Thursday, September 17, 2009

Petty Teenage Behavior

After two years of Thursday evening voice lessons, it's weird for it to be Thursday but I didn't have my lesson. Saturday mornings this time around... but I still feel like I should report. I have nothing to report. I've been practicing what we did last Saturday. Does that count as a report? I didn't think so.

Let's see... I was going to post a link to a radio interview about a recital, but I decided not to. I was going to do a mini-mini-mini-rant about the "About the Artist" blurb here, regarding I'm not gonna say who but if you follow the link you'll figure it out and see for yourself how outdated the info is. Banawoman pointed it out to me, saying that it was inexcusable for the info to be so outdated. I suggested she call either the opera company or the press agent to complain. After all, just finding or defining a problem isn't enough - once you know about it, you should do something to correct it. I mean, she should. I personally don't care what it says where. So anyway, I was going to post something about that, but decided not to.

Truth be told, I'm this close to ... telling ... about something... but... I won't. Instead I'll just keep on keeping on in this confused and stupid life I lead. Unless, of course, anyone else drops me from their facebook friend list and cuts off all contact a week or so after their boss joins facebook. Oops did I just type that out loud? Hm better not put ANY names in the tags.

So anyway have I ever mentioned how much I love the "block" feature on facebook? If you're reading this and you can't find me there, I've blocked you! Isn't that exciting?

I'm so confused. I'm a screwed up 42 year old teenager. I think I need to go find a daisy so I can pick the petals, "I like him, he pisses me off, I like him, he's a CENSORED, I like him, oh who the hell cares."

Ok, back to Valley Girl AND the chocolate crumb cake that my in-laws brought over tonight. I love that cake almost as much as I love the block feature on facebook.


Anonymous said...

OMG! I guess we all know now what happened! It's really sad! I wonder why we-all-know-who did that?!
(Sorry, I don't have a blog, but I read yours)

Susan said...

Ha! Good guess, Anita, but no, that's not what happened. I actually promised not to write about it, although it affected me enough to refer to it obliquely when the cruel world of PMS clouds my judgment.

And remember, the person who dropped me from his friends list may have done it all on his/her own. People do that all the time. I've done it! So please don't jump to any conclusions, no matter how coincidental the timing may be.

Thanks for reading the blog!!! Are you one of the women who said hi to me in NYC?

Anonymous said...

No, I did not see you in NYC. Sorry about my "conclusion", but I am glad I jumped to the wrong one.
I have also noticed a typo in your "About me " section. In the 2nd sentence the 3rd "r" is missing in the word "supernumerary".
Thanks for writing your blog - it's so much fun to read.

Susan said...

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoy the blog.

And nice catch! Thanks! I've corrected it.

I must clarify: The facebook friend thing is NOT the thing I promised not to write about. Jump to any conclusion you want about why the friend-dropping happened. Random, self-directed, boss-directed, suggested by someone else, etc? I do not know the impetus behind it. Don't really care... (ask again next month)

Maria said...

I see the snark escaped. Ah, well, you're entitled.

Susan said...

Maria! Ha! Wrong snark. THAT snark will never escape... unless it happens again, but I don't plan to be in a position to allow that.
Of course, YOU never promised not to tell. If you do one day tell, please change the names (mine!) to protect the innocent! (me!)