Tuesday, September 1, 2009

More Liz

Look! Another fabulous clip of Elizabeth Caballero! This is from La Traviata, but obviously it's a recital and not a performance of the opera. Yeah I guess you can all figure that out. Duh. Never mind.

And even though it's a recital and not the opera itself, it still brings me back to when I supered in it and she sang this role. I usually missed the beginning of this because the green room backstage was kinda far from the stage, and I always had to pee of course, so by the time I made it to the green room she'd be in the middle of this already. I'd be there in time to see her smash the glass, which she doesn't do in this particular clip. And we'd be watching on this tiny little black and white video monitor with a sort of tinny flat sound. And she was still fab. I wanted to yell at everyone to shut up so I could hear.

In fact, I want to yell shut up right now, because I'm listening as I type, and there's this quiet section about 7 minutes in where someone decided to have a coughing fit. Why why why??? I want to invent a theater seat that causes someone to turn to a pile of dust if they cough during a performance. Wow I'm getting all biblical, but there you have it. That's one of the greatest sins. Hold it in and cough during the applause. Yah ok mini rant over.

So anyway, the sound on this clip, or perhaps it's my computer, doesn't do her voice justice. And check out that purple gown! I'm going to have to make her matching earrings.

Can't can't can't wait til Carmen!!!

PS Just for fun, here's a clip of Liz singing in the very Traviata I supered in.

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