Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Peel Me a Grape

Found out about this today:

The Grapes of Wrath, at Carnegie Hall
Monday, March 22, 2010 at 8pm

Music by Ricky Ian Gordon
Libretto by Michael Korie

Jane Fonda, Narrator
Nathan Gunn - Tom Joad
Victoria Clark - Ma Joad
Elizabeth Futral - Rosasharn
Anthony Dean Griffey - Jim Casy
Peter Halverson - Pa Joad
Stephen Powell - Uncle John
Andrew Wilkowske - Noah
Steven Pasquale - Al
Christine Ebersole - Mae/Waitress
Matthew Worth - Ragged Man/Connie Rivers/Truck Driver
Madeline Gunn - Ruthie
The American Symphony Orchestra
Ted Sperling, Conductor

So. Jane Fonda. Will she be wearing leg-warmers? Or else I wonder if, as narrator, they'll have her dressed in this outfit. Right. What's wrong with me? The woman is an accomplished actor, political activist and fitness buff, yet whenever I see her name I think of this, which is strange considering I've never actually seen that movie.

Anyhoo, I went and got myself a ticket. Pretty good seat too. So. Looks like we have a full winter/spring of adventure - Elizabeth Caballero, Juan Diego Florez, Diana Damrau, Nathan Gunn and Nathan Gunn again. All that and only one trip backstage. Go figure.

Guess I should read the book and maybe see the movie before March. March! My annual "see Nathan Gunn" month. No, dear reader, I will NOT be attempting any face-to-face hellos this time around. But maybe March of 2011...


Anonymous said...

Who is Madeline Gunn?
Congrats on the ticket btw!

Maria said...

This ought to be interesting, given that his daughter is also singing. However, I am sick of this particular story and probably would not have gone to see it even with that star power.

Susan said...

Madeline is Nathan's eldest daughter. I don't know how old she is - I think maybe 15 or so.