Thursday, January 22, 2009

Despina Returns

Voice lesson tonight. Went back in time and reviewed Una Donna. Only it wasn't back in time - it was right now. All those little bits I had trouble with last year - the note jumps, the legato at certain parts - no problems. Of course now there are new things to work on... always something new... which actually I just love! We're getting into the little details of what sounds start and end what notes and how the legato sort of slides together and when to start or end a consonant sound... and I love it.

When I left the room, the mom of the next student was in the hallway and she started grilling me. "Are you soprano? Which one? Soprano 1 or 2?" Um... what? And then she asked all sorts of unrelated stream-of-consciousness questions about my teacher, what she charges, does she sing now, then about what I sing, about her daughter having only 1 elective next year and should she take flute or voice? One question after another. Meanwhile, a headache was creeping up the back of my neck and I had chills and all I could think about was going home, taking Tylenol and getting under my blanket. So I told her, make an appointment with the guidance counselor and see if you can't fit both in somehow. She went on to describe other school scheduling issues and I kept telling her, talk to your daughter's teachers or guidance counselor... tell them what you want and ask how they can help... we parents are the only advocates for our children... and so on. Then I ran out so I could get home, medicate and tell you, Dear Reader, all about it.

So I have a question. Now that I've ended my moratorium, does that mean I have to mention the guy in every blog post? Cuz I could scrape around for something if I had to. But I don't think I will. Go read his newly updated blog (as of this evening) if you want something. There. There's some teeny little thing. Not worthy of a tag, even.

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