Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I'll Give You Teeny

Ok, you asked for it. Well, one of you did. But the rest of you want it. Every teeny little thing. So just short of inventing some teeny little thing, I'll give you this.

I was poking around my blog tracker (translation: obsessively checking it) and found another search for "sexy hair nathan gunn" that led someone here. I looked at the other pages that came up and found this old review on some opera listserve. I don't even know when it's from. Perhaps one of the more avid and knowledgeable Gunnfans could clue us in as to what year this was, as I am currently too lazy to go poking around online. That review references an earlier post about the Gunnster as Dandini in La Cenerentola. I wonder how long ago that was?


Kaitebon said...

For some reason, I just canNOT see Nathan Gunn as Don Giovanni. Maybe Leporello, but not Don Giovanni. Probably because he always seems so cheerful!

Also, I love Gunn's voice. It is very pleasant. But I don't think I've ever heard him singing nasty--in fact, I can't imagine his voice sounding that way. That review described exactly what I'd imagine Gunn would make of the Don, and I don't like it!

Honestly, I don't think he's the greatest singer. Pleasant--no more, no less.

But that's just my opinion, and not a particularly well-educated one, either.

Susan said...

You don't need to be educated to have an opinion. You know what you like- no need to make excuses! That goes for music, wine, movies, books - whatever. Education is over-rated.


BA, Spanish, 1989
M.Ed, Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education, 1995.
ESL Teaching Certification, 2001

You may call me Master Susan from now on. Or is would that be Mistress?

Susan said...

So much for all those degrees. I should have proofread my comment more carefully after changing my mind about how to word it. That's what happens when I write at 11:20pm.

Kaitebon said...


they just slip in at the oddest times, no? I once spelled "Descartes" incorrectly three times on the first page of a paper (including in its title) about...

Drumroll please!


Now I'm tempted to look up the spelling to be sure...but I don't think I'll bother!


Lydia said...

Gunn as the Don...get back with me on that one.

As for spelling, I misspelled the name of the violinist I did my recital with this summer. So it said his last name was "Mossbug", not "Mossburg".

I'm fabulous.

Lilly said...

August 22, 1995 is when that review was written. :)

Susan said...

1995... the same year I got my Masters, got engaged and moved to Minnesota. Like, a hundred years ago. Wow. Thanks for the info.