Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is It Soup Yet?

I have fun checking the tracker to see what kinds of google searches lead people to my blog. But some of them... well, I just don't get it. I tried googling some of the very same things and my blog doesn't come up until like page 7 of the search. Who goes all the way to page 7 on a google search? Ok dumb question, I have. So then I tried googling the old, "Nathan Gunn Naked." Luindriel's blog? Nope. I mean, he's NOT naked here as far as I know, and I should know since it's my blog, right? And I stopped at page 3 of the google search. But even just a straight, "Nathan Gunn" search got me nowhere near me. However I did run across a slew of photos from some shindig in Chicago last fall here. Of course, it's all about the music. You can hear him talk about it on a podcast from LA Opera here. But you want to google your way to my blog? Try "house centipede" or "my good opinion once lost." Nothing to do with opera, yet you'll probably end up here.

Anyway, that's not the point. What is the point? There is none. My voice lessons resume tomorrow, perhaps I'll come up with a point after that. I'm thinking now that I want to put the new stuff on hold and go back and fix the pieces I put on the back burner. Time to move those babies forward. Unless my voice teacher says they need more time to simmer. Is it soup yet? Not yet...

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Maria said...

I found those same photos late last month, but I assumed everyone had already seen them since they were from November. He looks great, of course, and I like the one with the wife. They look relaxed and happy, which must be difficult given the jobs/stress/away-from-homeness they most likely experience.

Anyway, good photos and good digging job.