Sunday, January 4, 2009

Oh, The Laughter

My next Opera Outing is to the HD transmission of Lucia. Husband doesn't want to go. He was pretty clear about having absolutely No Interest. So I've started asking my friends.

The first friend I asked told me she'd rather see an opera live than HD in the movies. Ok but... she's NOT seeing any operas live, and the HD transmissions are AWESOME! Plus I was offering the ticket for free. Gratis. Still no go. I thought she was a sure thing, but ok.

So I moved on and asked another friend who I thought would jump at the chance. She laughed. Seriously. She LAUGHED. She thought I was JOKING. I told her about the story. I told her about the glass harmonica. She kept LAUGHING and saying things like, "Are you KIDDING?" "No, REALLY? Opera?" Gee I might as well have told her that I was going on a root canal vacation or something.

I have a couple other people I can ask. I can't wait to see how they react. More laughter? More disdain?

So first I have free tickets to see Nathan Gunn perform. The only interested parties live a plane right away. Now I have a free ticket to see Lucia, live in HD. Anna Netrebko people!!!! Live from the Met!! That's the Metropolitan OPERA, not the Museum!!!! Nope. Nada. Nadie. Hm. Maybe they're trying to tell me something... perhaps I should switch my brand of deodorant.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Susan, I would take the free ticket! A friend wanted to buy me a ticket as a birthday-present (my birthday is in october), but the performance in our movie theater (in Germany) was completely sold out! In October! For Ferbruary 2009! The second time I miss a anna-netrebko-transmission (as I missed Romeo in 2007, also completely sold out).
Happy new year for you and your family, Dagmar

Kaitebon said...

They laughed!?!? I actually have gotten people to come to HD transmissions with find opera lovers in the strangest places!

I'd come, except that I live about an hour and a half away from you!

Susan said...

I found someone! I asked the same coworker who went with me to see Barbiere in HD. We'll be going with another woman (Lisa, see the Chatbox) who already has a ticket.
Might even have a taker/road-trip companion for the free Gunn ticket... we'll see!

CashmereLibrarian said...

Well, I ended up seeing Thais by myself. My husband begged off, saying that it was more important to get the Christmas tree. :-P

My next MetHD will be Lucia, too. I'll have to miss la Rondine--my son's going back to school that day.

Also, I have a question for you. How does one become a supernumeray? If I ever move back to Chicago, wouldn't it be fun to be on the Lyric opera stage!!?

Banawoman said...

I live a plane ride away. But, that's really no obstacle. I'll crawl on my hands and knees over glass to New Jersey. Just save me the ticket (you know which one) and bring band-aids.

Susan said...

And here I thought you loved me for who I am. If you arrive with bleeding wounds on your knees, I'll give you that ticket AND a sesame street bandaid.

Drammy said...

I would so take the ticket, but I'll be going as well [in Illinois]. We can all... gush about it afterwards. Ach if only it was Diana Damrau instead of Netrebko!

No one will see Lucia with me but I think I can force, er encourage, a few friends to see Sonnambula in HD.

@ CashmereLibrarian, I think the Chicago Lyric probably hires "professional supernumeraries" or something. Just like the Met. Because they're "bigger opera houses?" well, they probably still have auditions in any case.

Susan said...

From what I understand, the Lyric in Chicago has a pool of supers but they do have to audition for each opera. I found info online at the Lyric's website but for some reason I'm having trouble posting the link in a comment. Go to their website, click on "site map" at the bottom and then click on "auditions." Scroll down and there's a link to a PDF about supers.
You should do it! It's so much fun.