Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Trip to the Prize Box

Here in the "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" household we utilize a reward system to encourage desired behavior from our Littlest Opera Singer. We use behavior charts where he can color in a puppy or whatever, or draw another line dot-to-dot style to get the knight to his horse, etc, when, for example, he stays seated for all of dinner or goes to bed without calling me or Husband with some excuse, and when the puppies (5) are all colored in or the lines (7) are all drawn he can trade the chart in for something in the prize box.

I've decided that I too need to modify my behavior, and what better motivation than a trip to the prize box? So for the rest of January I will not mention a certain person who seems to get mentioned here in the blog far too often. Each time I post an entry that doesn't mention that person, show that person in some form or have a link to something about that person, I'll color in a puppy on the chart. At the end of January, if I have a full chart, I'll earn a trip to the Prize Box. Now the question is, what should I put in the box???

1 comment:

Drammy said...

tickets to an opera in which that person sings, of course ^^

Your "that person" phase was nowhere near as annoying to your readers as my "whine every day about swim team practice" blog. ;-)