Friday, January 2, 2009

What day is it? It's Friday, right?

Having two weeks in a row with all these days off has totally mixed me up, day-wise. But I do believe that it's Friday. Did I say Happy New Year yet? If so, here it is again. Happy New Year! Vocally, this year I resolve to sing like no one is listening. I want to really practice on putting out that full sound that I know I can produce. I can do it sporadically but I want to do it consistently at all ranges. Is that too much to ask?

The last couple of days I've been tossing slide-show videos together in iMovie. Here are the results:


Of course you should click through to see the full descriptions, rate, add to favorites and comment.

And just so this comes up in people's Google searches: Nathan Gunn. YouTube. You Tube. There. That should stop people from always ending up here when they google that.

Cat pic time. I promised Viola this week, if I recall. Too bad. I have this silly one to post instead and it features Diego.


DivaVixxen said...

Your son needs more fiber...he is trying to eat the cat. Or did you make him give up sugar too? That would do it for me. Cats are no longer safe in this world....

Susan said...

Very honorable of you to ignore the two top screen shots and comment just on the photo of Alex. Must be that new-fangled no-muscle diet you're on. ;)

Maria said...

I have no such diet restrictions - lurv that body...oh, and the singing's pretty good, too.

Susan said...

Singing? Oh yeah I thought I heard something over the panting. ;)