Friday, January 23, 2009

Linkadoo Love

Just want to remind everyone to check out the links over there on the side of the page, of the blogs and other places I like to waste time at. ---->

All About Opera News Page
gives daily links to opera stories in the news - reviews, announcements and so on. It's the first page I check each morning when I log on.

Viva La Diva
is the fabulously amusing and insightful observations of a young opera singer trying to make it in this mad mad mad mad world. Stay tuned for the HBO series.

Parsifal and Opera Chic get the inside scoop on all things operatic before anyone else does. They write great, detailed reviews. O.C. tells it like it is - she's hilarious! Parsi manages to meet almost every opera singer he sees perform. Might have to hit him up for some tips!

Hey Liz
writes about music and other things that pop into her mind. She should post more often so we don't think that her mind has nothing popping into it. Oh wait she probably has a life...

Lindsey Gets Her Groove Back
is the intermittent (read: she needs to post more!!!) insightful blog of an aspiring singer trying to see where she fits in the musical sphere.

Tea at Valhalla
is a great read - Lydia, now at music school, tells us her hopes, dreams, fears and all the daily dirt that goes on as she learns her thing.

Reverberate Hills
- Just go read it, ok? Patrick's into Haiku this month.

Anna Netrebko, courtesy of Carlos - Carlos gets the scoop on All Things Anna and brings it to us directly from Barcelona.

La Cieca - Everyone needs to read La Cieca, including all the comments on each post, although sometimes the random verbs assigned to the utterances are more humerous than the comments themselves. And we mustn't forget that La C posted that video to his blog of Alex loving La Fille. That doesn't bias me. Much.

hasn't made an entry since last October, but we love him so his link stays. C'mon Poltie, let's see something new!

Coloratur ...aaah writes deliciously detailed posts about life of a professional opera singer - a behind-the-scenes look at auditions, rehearsals, performances, traveling, daily woes and triumphs and occasionally a wonderfully cryptic entry of notes to herself about what she's working on.

And then there are the professionals and their carefully written, offend-no-one-praise-all and-never-complain blogs:

Nathan Gunn
- Sporadic bursts of almost-daily entries, then nothing for weeks.
John Osborn *no blog yet but the photo pages do tell a story*
Christian Van Horn - Regular blog entries about his work and travels, complete with photos.
Joyce DiDonato - If she weren't a fabulous opera singer, she'd be a writer. Looks, smarts, talent but so sweet that we can't even hate her for it - instead we love her!

There are a few other links over there -----> that didn't make the cut to this entry. Go look.

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DivaVixxen said...

Thank you very much for the link. You will have a say in my HBO series...should that ever come to fruition.