Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Cure for a Sudden Lack of Confidence?

Tomorrow my voice teacher is holding a studio class for all her students. I'm going to sing Lasciatemi again. I've been listening to my lesson and practicing that part with the embellishment. I know I can do that "frightening part" (see comments on the post with the video) in not only a non-frightening manner, but actually quite nicely. However, starting yesterday and leaking into today I've been feeling nervous and not very confident about the whole thing. I know I need to get over it because I absolutely positively must be relaxed in order to sing, and I know I can sing it well.

So, how do I get over it?


Mandolin Vision said...

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

A class of singing students?! You'll be able to feel them WILLING you to succeed, wanting to hear you, wanting to be inspired... you'll be great. Really. That's what live performance is about, you connecting with the people in the room, them with you.

Susan said...

Thank you!

Yes, it's all singing students. And I'm sure I've mentioned this before - they're all teenagers! I'm her only adult student. That's fine with me, given my teenager tendencies. The student in the lesson before mine is 12, the one after me is I think 15 or 16. I hope that my "advanced" age doesn't intimidate anyone - there's no reason it should... but I could see where it might. I will, of course, post about it either tonight or tomorrow.

Thanks for the support - it means a lot to me.