Friday, June 20, 2008

It's a Bird... It's a Plane... It's... Super Supers!

Email received at 10:13 last night:

Dear R, K, K and Susan:

You guys are NOT needed on Friday. It will be more of a dance rehearsal for chorus and dancers.

From John, "The supers are doing great."



Oh no! I was counting on that rehearsal for more fodder for the blog. Plus I know at least one of the dancers, not only from last year, but also because his little sister took voice lessons with my teacher in the time slot before me, so I used to sit in the hallway with her mom (and his, obviously) chatting before my lesson began, and she told me all sorts of stories about him. (Holy run-on sentence Batman!) I was looking forward to seeing him today. Perhaps Sunday.

So I wonder if John (the director) thought about saying, "The supers are doing super." True, it doesn't flow as well as "great," but still, for me, it would have been hard to resist.

Cat-pic Friday:

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Anonymous said...

Oh no! -----about the rehearsal.

OH NO! ---- about the cat.