Friday, June 6, 2008

Who's Watching?

I like my MySpace tracker. I find it interesting to see where the page hits are coming from. People in the following places have viewed my MySpace page:

Australia, Rumania (Bucharest), Spain (Barcelona), France, Peru (Lima), Canada (Ontario)

Many NJ cities: Frenchtown, Trenton, Hamilton, Edgewater, Princeton Junction, Flanders
Decatur, Indiana
St. Louis, Missouri
Little Elm, Texas (I think I know who this is)
Huntingtown, Maryland
Mountain View, California
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jacksonville, FL
Phoenixville, PA (I know who this is)
Yardley, PA (I definitely know who this is)
St. Charles, IA
Chicago, IL
Urbana, IL
Bronx, NY
Someone at the Metropolitan Opera looked at my page the day I saw Romeo there.

I have a free tracker so it only shows the last 100 visits. It always shows an IP Address and often shows both a city and the Internet provider. It also shows how many times that IP address visited my page. For example:

Mountain View, California, US
5/21 10:25:41 PM 1 Google

If there's no city listed, I'll sometimes plug the IP address into an IP Address locater. Occasionally it comes up unknown.

It's something I'll poke around with when I'm bored.

I wonder if I could put a tracker on my blog? Hmmmm.......

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