Thursday, June 26, 2008


Looked up tonight to see the little red light on the DVR. What oh what could it be recording? Wait a sec... it must be Great Performances... which means it must be La Fille du Regiment!! The very same one that I was at , up up up and away in the beautiful balcony balloon!

No matter how good it sounds in the theater or on TV, live and in person, even from waaaay up in the balcony, it's exponentially better. Exponents, remember them from math class?

*sigh* Juan Diego does look so very cute in lederhosen, especially when compared to this. Go ahead, click on that, and then once there click on the "not safe for work set." Seriously. Then you too will think how wonderful the little tenor looks in Tyrolean digs.

Sitting there on the couch in my Hello Kitty pajamas I totally remembered how excited I felt to be sitting there in the Met up in the balcony waiting for the moment when Juan Diego made his entrance. And Natalie Dessay is nothing to sneeze at - the opera is a showcase for her - she's AMAZING! And now that it's "intermission," instead of running down three levels to hang out with the rich people and drink the expensive champagne only sold at their bar, I grabbed an ice-cream sandwich and came upstairs to write. But that's only because we're out of champagne.

I wonder if I can wear my pajamas the next time I go to the Met?


DivaVixxen said...

I put your website on my list of links, and I am enjoying it very much! However, I am DYING to know: who is the returning singer who is so snobby to you? Who does she think she is?????

Lydia said...

Ahhh I can't believe I missed it!! I saw the HD transmission in theaters, but I wanted to watch it last night. Crap! :(

Susan said...

DV-Thanks for the link! Glad you like the blog - I'm enjoying yours too! As far as the meanie girl goes, she became nice so I won't say who. At least not here...

Lydia - Check your listings, they always show the same one a few times over the course of a few days.