Sunday, February 24, 2008

On My Way to Full Ownership

Last voice lesson I was overwhelmed with the idea of singing a Mozart aria. My teacher would sing a line and I would think, "Man, I can never sound like that. Why waste our time?" But I plodded through it. Well I've had a complete change of attitude. I listened to a live recording of Cosi (From the Lyric, with Nathan Gunn...) and read the music along with the aria, then sang along, and now I remember almost all the words and have almost all the music down too. And I don't sound half bad. I understand all the words and I have my ideas about how to sing it. I think I can really have fun with it. It's cool to actually be confident about singing it! Of course that may change... One problem with my voice lesson is that we start at like 7:30 PM. It's just too late at night near the end of the work week for me. There, I couldn't hit the high notes. Ok, when I did try I ended up sharp, so... but to me that's not hitting them if I'm singing the wrong note, even if it's higher. But at home... I should have a recorder running at all times! I called my mom the other day and sang it for her - she was blown away. She asked if I was going to audition for the opera chorus. And for some reason her praise really made me feel good. Like I was a little kid and my mother is proud of me.

Singing and psychiatry, who knew?

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