Monday, February 11, 2008

More Evidence that "It's Gonna Be OK"

This review of John Osborn as Tonio in Fille, from

Tonio is a part that has everyone wondering before the performance if the tenor can manage the 9 high Cs of “Pour mon ├óme” without sounding like an agonal event. Tenor John Osborn didn’t hit 9 high Cs, he gave us 11 or 12 and threw in a high D as a bonus. All this while climbing up and down a ladder and balancing on a barrel. His tone is pure light lyric with a brilliant full and focused top. His is the perfect voice for all the tenor roles from Mozart through to Donizetti (Norma excepted). He has everything needed to be a great tenor. He’s short, pudgy, balding, and has scintillating high notes. “Pour me rapprocher de Marie” showed he can also maintain a long line and sing with tenderness and beauty. Where has this guy been since winning Placido Domingo’s Operalia in 1996? I know where he’s been, but why isn’t he at the top?

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