Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A transition is taking place. Can't post about the details until I tie up one remaining loose end. But it's all good.

Meanwhile, I've been working on getting that consistent, ringing sound. Did some reading, did some googling and then had a consultation with someone about raising the soft palate and keeping it there while I sing. I think some of it got through my brain and into my singing. I have to practice, practice, practice. I definitely hear the difference - It resonates in my head, I'm louder and yet I have more control over the volume - and isn't that one of the things I mentioned that I wanted to work on? Volume control? Rather than blurt, blurt, blurt? I'm excited about this latest development.

Next week is that annual vocal evaluation that the music school does for/of the students. I'll sing two songs for three people - one is my current voice teacher, the other two are members of the voice faculty. I'll sing, they'll scribble furiously, I'll thank them and I'll leave. Then I'll come home and post about it. I can already predict that it'll be something along the lines of how I could have done better. Hm. Maybe I should write the post now and just wait until after next week to publish it. A few days after that I'll go to my lesson to get the results and of course will post all about that. Actually that's the same day I go to the circus and then to the Opera Project Birthday Concert so posting about the results will probably be delayed.

I have so many random thoughts about voice lessons and singing rushing around in my head these days. I will wait to write about it all until it solidifies into something fit for publishing. Perhaps once I have the results of the voice evaluation I'll have come up with some way of tying it all together.

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