Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Endings and Beginnings of Another Sort

That vocal evaluation that I've fretted over the past two years has arrived again. In fact, my time to sing is about 90 minutes from when I'm typing this. I'm nervous of course but I have a different attitude this time. Why?

Ok here's the skinny. (do people say that anymore?) I can't really type more until I tell.

My current voice teacher and I have decided that I've come as far as I can with her and it's time for me to move to someone new. It's more complicated than that, because everything always is, but anyway this is where we are. I have already found a new teacher - I'm fast like that. I was seeing the O.P. person I've seen before and I asked her for a recommendation. Lo and behold... she's now my new teacher.

I've been to a couple of lessons with her so far. It's interesting to hear the same sort of stuff from someone else, taught in a totally different way. They're both good teachers but they are very different. I'm pleased with the decision. Now I just have to get used to the "studio" stuff. She teaches out of her home and I never know, do I ring the doorbell or just go into the sitting area and wait? I'll figure all that stuff out. The other stuff, which I do like, is that we make the appointment for the next lesson at each lesson, so it's very flexible, and I pay as I go. Very different from my set time slot and annual tuition with the music school. I think I'm going to like the flexibility. And I definitely like her style of teaching. I think it's a good fit.

So to wrap stuff up at the school with my current (old?) teacher, I have the eval tonight, then I'll go Saturday to my regular lesson time to get the results. And that's it. I've decided I'll write my teacher a nice note, etc, and maybe give her a pair of earrings. And as for that recital of her students next month, I unfortunately cannot participate because I can't make the mandatory run-through with the accompanist. It's scheduled for Alex's birthday, and we're having a party here. And Alex's teacher is holding a recital of her students on the same day as the other recital. All he'll do is bow in time to three chords, but it's a big deal for him. So THAT is the skinny!!


Raisa said...

This sounds like an exciting change! A new vision and perspective of music that you'll get from your new teacher will be very valuable, I am sure.
(Believe it or not, I guessed that this change was coming up from one of your recent posts, where you referred to your teacher as "current". That word was a clue. I even wanted to e-mail you and ask "Are you switcing to a new teacher?" But then I thought" Nah, that's silly - let's just wait and see what happens".
Good luck with the new beginning!

Susan said...

Thanks Raisa!!
Funny that you caught the wording. I realized as I wrote it that it was a clue. My TOEFL writing has made me very conscious of meaning and implications in things I write. You have no idea how much I edit a post (or this comment) before I publish it... Plus it's not like it was some huge secret. I just wanted to make sure I had tied up all the loose ends with registration and so on with the music school, and finalizing dates and events with that teacher, before saying anything.

Raisa said...

I know what you mean, Susan. I edit my posts endlessly too. Editing almost takes as much time as writing, if not longer.
I guess it's my "teacher's perfectionism"...