Monday, May 10, 2010

A Video Birthday Gift for a Friend

One of my friends is a fan of a very talented tenor named Bülent Bezdüz. I believe she started and/or is in charge of his official fan club. He recently won an opera award and also had a birthday, and as a gift to him she wanted to put together a slide show video. I offered to do this for her. We discussed what features she wanted the video to have, then she sent me all the files and I got to work. She has since uploaded it to YouTube. Click through to see the full screen because as usual my blog format manages to chop off the edge.

He is very sweet - he actually thanked me for putting the video together! I didn't expect that at all.

He does have a beautiful voice. I hope his career brings him to New York and/or Philadelphia so I can hear him in person.

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