Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving Right Along

I must admit I'm pleased with the comments I received for my voice evaluation. I didn't hear any criticism that I didn't expect; relax the tension, watch certain vowels, raise the palate, etc. I was surprised by the nice comments and had a moment of, "Did they mean me or are they all deluded?" but the truth is I've been practicing, practicing, practicing. And what do you know, it helps to practice.

I had a lesson with my new teacher today. She asked for the results so I read them to her. Then we continued to work on keep the soft palate raised for every phrase in the songs we worked on. She had me hold a 5 lb weight out in front of me at one point. Besides Nel Cor, last week we worked on Se tu m'ami and O Cessate di Piagarme. Then today we went over something by Handel. I don't recall the name. We are doing pieces I've never done before because she says she doesn't want me bringing any habits along. I can see where that could be confusing or challenging. I like these songs and I'm amazed at how I'm able to maintain that full sound as we go over them phrase by phrase. She reads the measure in rhythm, I repeat it, she sings it, I repeat, through each song. Then I listen to the lesson and practice. And of course I find it on YouTube to hear how it sounds all put together.

I'm really enjoying the lessons, the location and the general atmosphere. It's so much more... something... than having a lesson in an elementary school classroom with the chairs stacked up on the desks and so on. The space is just so much more relaxing all around. She lives on this quaint street. There is a beautiful flower garden in front of her house. She has a great front porch with plants and a beautiful view of the river. Inside is lovely too. I'm very happy with the way things have worked out.

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