Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Carmen

Start with this so you can see the fabulousness that is Elizabeth Caballero. She's the soprano with the scarf in her hair.

And finish with these Alex-related, Carmen-related, Lego-related tidbits:

Alex asked to watch Carmen today. That was a change from his usual request of either a Star Wars or an Indiana Jones movie. He loves those movies... and he loves playing the Lego versions on the Wii. And, of course, he loves singing all the music, teaching me the background so I can accompany him when he sings the melody (you should hear our Darth Vader and our Indiana Jones pieces!!) and then comparing the music in levels on the Wii games to the corresponding scenes in the movies. So it's only natural that today he said wistfully, "I wish there was a Carmen Lego game for the Wii."

That's my boy. He went on to describe what the cave scene and what the ending would be like in the game. Maybe he'll grow up to be a software developer and will turn operas into interactive Lego video games. The market is open, as far as I can tell.

His favorite scene in Carmen is when the kids are singing during the changing of the guard. I wish that scene from the Met was on YouTube. And I don't recall if I mentioned this already - When he first saw the children he was astonished - "I didn't know KIDS could be in an opera. That looks like fun." Of course he couldn't be in his Kindergarten end-of-the-year show today (sniff) because he couldn't handle the echoing cafeteria during rehearsals... that, and he said he didn't care for the music. But the children's chorus for an opera... I bet he'd overcome those sensory issues pretty quickly... Fascinating. That link is for a little feature on the children's chorus for Carmen in San Diego.

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