Tuesday, May 4, 2010

When I'm Not Singing

When I'm not singing, I go to places like this to do stuff like this:

You can hear Husband, "I can feel it on my arm hair" and me, "Am I going to get a shock?" And no, I didn't get a shock. But it felt pretty cool.

I actually did have a voice lesson earlier that day. It was a good lesson, really polished up Nel Cor and did some fun vocal exercises.

Alex has the opportunity to "perform" in his first recital. His teacher is presenting a recital of her students. The little ones who are still learning simply get dressed up, walk on stage holding their instrument (or in his case, he'll walk to the piano) and then bow. She'll play three chords: Stand, bow, stand. That's all. How cute is that? Of course it's the same day that my teacher is presenting her students in recital. In a different location. But his is at 1:30 and mine is at 3 so if he goes early, and I think he will, then I can scoot out and over to where my recital is to get there in time. I can warm up in the car.

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