Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Personal Three-Ring Circus Cycle

Talk about a varied and intense day ...

Yesterday, in Ring number 1:

Final meeting with who is now my former voice teacher. I got the results of the vocal eval - here they are. There are two songs and three reviewers.

1. Art is Calling for Me

Reviewer 1:

Brava! Excellent use of breath and consistent, balanced tone quality. I love the characterization - I was enjoying this piece right along with you! My only suggestion is to make sure the high-strung energy of the character doesn't shake your internal calm as a performer. Great job!

Reviewer 2:

Fun performance! Keep your sound open on certain vowels - ee vowels and eh vowels particularly. Try to think of keeping the sound forward which will help to focus your sound and help in intonation as well.

Reviewer 3:

Nice, NICE, right from the start!
You've accomplished amazing things, girl!
Very well sung and acted in spite of nerves!
Need a little work on the final la-la section and phrase endings.

Nel Cor:

Reviewer 1:

Beautifully sung! this piece is challenging to maintain legato and consistent tone, and you did very well. I can see tension in your neck and shoulder; if you can release it, you will find even more ease and flexibility. Wonderful performance!

Reviewer 2:

Good work on this. The Italian is lovely. I'd love to hear you explore more of your vibrato - and dynamic tone as well - specifically in the quieter moments.

Reviewer 3:

Keep that throat open on [o] vowels (or... the famous soft palate raise)
Sounds beautiful - really!
Needs more tapered and graceful phrase endings the first time through
Just got better and better as you progressed
Last cadenza needs attention

In Ring number 2:

Circus!!! Sensory OVERLOAD. Loud music, flashing lights and something crazy going on everywhere you looked. Highlight: 7 motorcycles riding around inside a spherical cage. Found a good video of it:

And I got my $22 (!!!!!!!) spinning flashlight.

In Ring Number 3:

Opera Project recital!! I can't express how bizarre it was to go to the circus in the afternoon and then the recital in the evening. The only thing that would have made it more bizarre would have been if I had sung. The performances were really nice, as always. People kept asking me if I was singing. It was kind of nice - people remembered me from the last one. And I have to say, it sure is relaxing to attend without singing! One funny audience thing to report: A couple came in late and wanted to sit in my row, so I scooted down. The woman was next to me. Her companion put his arm around her over the back of the seat and his hand was on my shoulder. He left it there. I was like, how can you not know that your hand is on my shoulder? I shook my head so my hair fell on his hand and he moved it.

The next OP performance is in July at a winery. Hopefully they'll have room for me in the program.


Raisa said...

Susan, congratulations on your success - you have come such a long way. That's a good reason to go out with your boys and celebrate!

Susan said...

Thank you Raisa! That means a lot to me. I know I've come a long way but I feel like this is just the beginning, like I've finally gotten over some hurdle and am now starting the next level, or something. Perhaps I will explore that idea in its own posting.