Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing, PLUS Being (a) Super

I'm still wondering if/when I'll hear about supering this summer. I'd love to, but like I said in a prior post, I don't want to get my hopes up since I was so sad about not getting in last year. So really, except for right now as I post this, I have sort of tried to ignore it. Sort of. Except that by this time the past three years I already knew if I was supering or not. Which translates to, I went back in the blog to check. Then I think, it's just as well - I have so much stuff going on in June -Alex's birthday, his little stand/bow/stand recital, school events and so on. Plus the next tentative Opera Project event is in July, which means rehearsals and the recital can potentially conflict with 1 or more potential supering rehearsals and/or performances. And then there's the fact that I don't know if I'd even be singing in that recital. And I don't know if I'll be supering. A whole lot of I don't knows.

The one thing I do know is, I'd never commit to one and then back out. So the question is, which would I rather do? The answer is, both. Which, I am aware, isn't an option. But since nothing is scheduled anyway then what the heck am I writing about?

So here's why I love supering. The waiting around at rehearsals, the sweating backstage, the lack of stage vocab that causes the spark of panic when they say, "Stage left" and you think, "wait, which left is that? Is that when I'm facing the audience or ...?" , the uncomfortable costumes, the struggle to jam my hair into a bun... OH WAIT! That's not it. Seeing the process of an opera coming together, hearing the singers develop the roles, the feeling of community with the cast, being surrounded by beautiful music and talented people and being part of something beautiful. Being on stage. And, of course, crawling on stage to wipe up spills.

Ok, not going to think about it any more.

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