Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Non Plans

So here's a list of what I'm probably not doing this summer.

No idea if I'll be supering. I have submitted my info and I now wait to hear. The latest unsubstantiated rumor is that they'll need servants for the wedding party in Don Giovanni. And all my long-time readers know how much I love serving tippy champagne glasses on stage. But after last year's disappointment I'm assuming this year that I won't get picked, and then it'll be a surprise if I do.

Opera Project - I'm actually NOT singing this coming Saturday. They had way too many people interested. They have local composers debuting their pieces, plus the Lucia sextet and an entire section of Wagner. So hopefully I can sing in the following recital, which will be in June or July.

The Met's Summer Recital Series. Free opera in the park. Look. Michael Fabiano, Nathan Gunn and others on the same stage, on the same day. can I not go? I know how - if we have our regular 99 degree, high-humidity week in the middle of July. But it's free so it's not like I'd have to decide until pretty much that day. And I bet I know who would come with me!!! I have to inform her of this asap. (ok, done) And I have other people I'd like to meet in NYC. This might be a great thing to do. If the weather isn't totally gross.

I'll continue to post about what I'm not doing as I learn about it.

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Banawoman said...

That's nice. I'm not going on a cruise, or to Paris, or getting married. (thank God). However, this summer I may still fall in love, see/hear a baritone, fall in love with a baritone. Who knows? It's only May. :-)