Sunday, October 11, 2009

Picky Choosy

Had a pretty good voice lesson yesterday. Told my teacher about next week's auditionesque thing. We picked over Una Donna and also the Tipsy Waltz. She said either would be fine. I said I would ask my readers and she was into that. So now y'all have to listen to my teacher and help me pick which one to sing.

Tipsy Waltz is mezzo, French and short.
Una Donna is soprano, Italian and long.

I was home alone all day today so I recorded them and then put them together in a "Which one?" video. Here you go. And as you listen and remember that I will continue to practice connecting to the breath, using the low abs, dropping my jaw and all that other stuff for a fuller, more rounded sound. Please post a comment with your vote. Thanks!

Another benefit of being home alone all day was that I could sing without being told to shut up. Uh I mean, to stop singing. I didn't really sing all day, but at one point I put on this CD I had made of the accompaniment for all the pieces I've learned and I sang through that. I also faked through Art is Calling for Me. Last week I promised my teacher I wouldn't sing it yet and we didn't have time to get to it yesterday so I was just being goofy and not really singing it. No one was here to tell me to stop and the neighbors are all too polite. Although suddenly everyone was mowing their lawn... surely a coincidence...

My teacher had to cancel next week's lesson but I'll be calling her after I sing for the group.

So let's see, particulars from yesterday's lesson ... just picky stuff about pronunciation and timing in the songs, the lippiness of French and so on. Breath, using the abs, staying grounded, the usual stuff. She says she loves seeing how far I've come and how much better things sound now. That's nice to hear. And vocal exercises to practice... uh... yeah she gave me some but of course I don't remember them at the moment. Luckily they're all on the tape... assuming, of course, that it recorded.

No I'm not pregnant. I poof out my stomach to breathe and that adds to the fat to make it look like I'm 6 months along, but I'M NOT!!!!! !!!!!!!
Guess it's time to step up that diet and exercise regime...


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan:
Both sound very nice, but I am leaning towards Tipsy Waltz, even though you are a better actress in Una Donna.
On another note,congratulations from the bottom of my heart! Do you know what you are having?(and when?)

Susan said...

What am I having? A diet, that's what! I'm not pregnant!
Don't worry, you're not the first to congratulate me. I guess that part of my body is the stretchiest so that's where all the fat shows.

Susan said...

Ok I watched the video and yeah I do look preggers. But I'm not. I swear.
And you know... never assume a woman is pregnant unless she grabs you and says, "I'm in labor!" and even then the proper response is, "Oh, you're pregnant? I didn't notice." ;)

Luindriel said...

Got another Tipsy Waltz vote on a comment on my Facebook Status update.

Susan said...

That's me commenting above as Luindriel, btw. Somehow my username "Luindriel" is not connected to my blogger account.

Anonymous said...

Silly me - I am sorry...

Roberta said...

Hi Susan, it's a nice blog, congrats!!