Friday, October 23, 2009


While away from the computer I can't even tell you how often I've thought, "Oh, I should blog about that." And now, while I'm sitting here, blank box in front of me, it all has flown. Of course. So instead, here's a mish mosh.

I've sent an email to the person who will be accompanying the recital of November 21. Haven't heard back... so I'll probably have to call. I'd so much rather email. Calling is so... personal. I have to interact without a chance to edit and revise. But I have to get the sheet music to her so I guess I'll have to initiate vocal contact.

Better TV still hasn't "activated" the Nathan Gunn interview. I even went and joined the site, thinking that it would make a difference, or that perhaps that would give me access to some part of the website where I could ask a question. No such luck. Perhaps eventually someone will figure it out and fix it.

I heard from the head of the early childhood education department at Westminster. She was in contact with Alex's music teacher from last year. The teacher is willing to give Alex private lessons, so now we just have to figure out the particulars. They are so accommodating. They really want to find a way to let him continue his musical studies. The head of the department taught Alex for a semester and recalls that he was very good at maintaining rhythm and picking up melodies, and that he has a beautiful singing voice. We all agree that he's not quite ready for their Choral Readiness class, offered to kids his age, due to his particular challenges. She said that he might benefit from piano lessons, as it would help improve his fine motor skills while also teaching music theory. We don't have a piano at home, but I'm sure we could pick up an electric keyboard, and if we're willing to shell out some $ we can get one with piano action on the keys. And his teacher is also a piano teacher. So it's all working out.

For last month's recital with the Opera Project, 3 or 4 people canceled last-minute due to illness. So on Saturday the guy in charge asked everyone for a backup aria, just in case. When I spoke with him this week to get the contact info for the accompanist, I told him that he could call me he runs into the same situation tomorrow. I hope they don't mind if I show up in costume... I'll be all warmed up from karaoke. He seemed to think I was involved in some sort of performance. We have been practicing all week, so I guess maybe I am. Sort of.


Just finished tucking Alex into bed. Every night I read a story and sing "Goodnight My Someone." Sometimes he sings along. Tonight he sang along and for the final note he sang it a third higher. On his own. No prompting from me. Wow. Of course, I couldn't get him to do it again. I think that was partly because of the words - what does he know of terms thirds or harmony? He just knew that it sounded cool. He continues to impress and amaze me.


Frescamari said...

I had been relying on e-mail too much because it was so much easier for me to relate to people through the keyboard than in person.

But recently I've been challenging myself to use the phone more, because I really think it sends out very strong affirmative vibes to the other person. That you would take the time from the day to make that personal contact. It seems more committed somehow. Like you said ... personal.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Anyway, about the blogging, I'm carrying around a little blogging notebook now and jotting down thoughts as I have them.

Susan said...

I was sort of kidding about the phone call - I will call her on Monday if I don't hear from her over the weekend.

Good idea to write stuff down. Guess I should get waterproof pen and paper since I'm often in the shower when these great ideas are created.