Saturday, October 17, 2009


Yes!! That's what the guy in charge of the Opera Project said about my audition. "That was really cute. So is that what you'll be singing at our next performance?"


It was so weird. I couldn't find the place at first. It was in a church, but not in the chapel. Someone in the chapel gave me directions that brought me almost to the right place, but I still had to wander a bit to find where I was supposed to be. When I got there I was the first one there other than the Head Honcho and the accompanist. They were so nice. They asked if I brought my music, I showed it to the pianist and she was all excited because she's currently accompanying a performance of Cosi somewhere else. So then I just took my coat off and suddenly I was singing. I mean, I don't know what else I expected. That's what you do, right? And I nailed every high note. Like, nicely. I was standing about 10 feet from the Head Honcho dude. He was looking right at me of course, and nodding, and I was doing my best to look at a spot just over his head. I actually laughed at one point because the prerecorded accompaniment I have is super fast, and I forgot to slow down for the last , "Col posso e voglio..." and then I laughed but of course kept on going. When I was done, after he said the cute thing, he said, "It's fine to laugh in the middle but make sure you have enough breath to finish the line." Ha! I didn't MEAN to laugh! It just happened. I suppose that's better than crying. And the moment I finished I was thinking that I could have done so much better. But I was so happy that I hit every high note, and I hit it well. No screeching, no cracking, just a nice clear sound. But still I felt like saying, "Wait! Let me do it again, I swear I can do it better!"

I hung out a little longer to meet some of the other singers. Then when they sang I was totally intimidated. They're either opera students or former professional singers who didn't continue pursuing a career, so they all have that huge sound. As they sang, I shrank smaller and smaller into my seat. And that wasn't easy considering we were in a preschool classroom and everything was miniature.

Here's the poster:

I have that karaoke Halloween party on the 24th so he's putting me into the program for November 21st.

I can hardly believe it. I'm singing with an opera group. People will pay to come. It's amazing! I did it! I studied and here I am, singing for real. It seems unreal!

On my way home I called my mom. I asked, "Wouldn't your father be proud?" She was like, "Oh yes! So wonderfully proud! As would your aunt!" so I said, "And what about my mother?" and she said that she too was very proud. So I had to fish for it, but I got it.


Frescamari said...

That's really an accomplishment. I'm glad I read that tonight. Way to go!

Raisa said...

Hi Susan:
I just want to say that I am very impressed with how much you have achieved, as well as with your strong artistic spirit and dedication. You deserve the truest admiration for going towards your goal and getting to do what you love.
I have also been having some music-related beginnings.
Stop by at my blog whenever you feel like it.
Congratulations again!

Lydia said...

Congratulations!! =)

Lydia said...

Congratulations!!! =)