Thursday, October 15, 2009

Following My Own Advice

A few entries ago I said something about identifying a problem not being enough - once you know about it, you have to do something about it. I've been trying in dribs and drabs to solve this one. Over the summer I bought running shoes and a couple of super-duper sport bras. I was running a few times a week. Then Husband's teaching schedule got all wacky - he is out of the house Mon, Tues and Wed afternoons until after 9. So much for going for a run on those days. Now, previously I was able to have Alex be my personal trainer and we'd run through the house, banging into walls. It was very motivating when I was participating in a weight-loss challenge with my friends. In two months I lost over 10 pounds. Well now I'm taking this weight thing to the next step. I've set the DVR to record my fitness boyfriend, Gilad. (Aside: Every time I say his name I think of that Star Trek episode and I think, Darmok and Gilad at Tanagra.) Yes, Gilad, and his fascination with "the thigh." But that's free, or at least, it's one of the benefits of a service I'm already paying for. So I went ahead and ordered a couple of Billy Blanks Freestyle Funk DVDs. On sale of course. But even so, once I pay for something I guilt myself into actually using it. The only challenge to overcome is getting the time to do the workout with Alex interrupting. I try to interest him in doing it along with me, but that works for about, oh, 5 minutes before he "needs" me for something. Ok so here we go. I'm determined to get back at least some of that Tiny Person I used to be.

Other advice I'm following is Alex's. He said I should sing Despina on Saturday. In spite of the questionable quality of the higher notes on the video I posted, I do feel more comfortable singing it. I have more fun singing it. And when I relax and let loose, which oddly enough I can do if strangers are watching, I have a lot of fun. I know I can hit the notes if I use proper form. And I'm hoping that the fun overcomes any technical errors I might make. Plus from the way this guy was talking, they're not that picky? And when I saw the group a few months ago, my first impression was that I would fit right in. So we'll see!

Practiced some karaoke today. My friend and I (did I mention she's coming to see Mr Gunn in Grapes of Wrath with me?) sang the duets from Grease and then we did Heart - Magic Man, B52s- Love Shack (with interruptions to prevent our children from flooding her house), she sang Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - Or I should say, she ROCKED it, totally awesome... we did so many others... and, of course, that old standard that I know only because it's here, Polka Dots and Moonbeams. And my friend stared at me like I was a freak. Well maybe I am. It's just so comforting to actually know the words when you sing karaoke. It's hard!

Ten days til the party. But first, two days till I Sing For Others. Well, sober Others, as opposed to Others at a party where there's karaoke. And alcohol.

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