Monday, October 26, 2009


Two types of singing on Saturday.

Morning: Voice lesson. Of course, the mere presence of my face in front of the computer screen, fingers poised over the keyboard, has made me forget what I wanted to write about the lesson.
Um, we went over Gretchen, she insisted that I didn't sound screechy, I told her I wanted to attack Batti Batti, she gave me the CD accompaniment for Art is Calling to Me, and in between and mostly before all that we did a bunch of different vocal exercises, including some new ones. She said that eventually we'll speed them up, but for now I should practice them slow and work through the break, etc.

Evening: Costume party with karaoke!!

Here I am with Husband:

Can you guess my costume?

And karaoke!! No, I did not get up there and show off with some high soprano song. Oh no. There were plenty of "singers" there doing that. I never planned on it. Instead I chose "Crazy Little Thing Called Love." It was LOWWWWWW. And I rocked it. Look!

There was a guy there who is a singer and sings baritone with a local chorale group. Gave him the Opera Project info. And I sang backup when he sang Monster Mash.

Of course "I Will Survive" was on the list, so I grabbed the mic and called all the women in the room to the stage for a mandatory ensemble performance. They didn't know what they were singing until they got there. Sadly no one caught it on video, but here's a photo:

That's me in the middle with my hands at my breast, being dramatic. You can't just stand there and sing - you have to LIVE it!

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Raisa said...

That looks like a lot of fun and you look like you owned the song. Love Halloween parties - met my husband at one and he was dressed as a pirate as well. Good for you for nailing it at karaoke. It's not as easy as some people think, but it's incredible fun.
Happy coming Halloween!