Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Cancellation, an Un-Cancellation and a Sort-Of Audition

Woot! The person in charge of that opera group I've mentioned before called today! He wants to hear me sing and finally I can make it to the rehearsal. He kept talking about putting me in the program for the next performance ... but I'm not listening to that part of the conversation just yet. Let's get through the "hearing me sing" part. I'll post about that after it happens. Ok and probably the day or 10 before...

Of course the next performance is the same night as this super fabulous Halloween party one of my friends is throwing. Of course. And the babysitter I lined up for that already backed out because he's in a choir and they have a performance that night. The other babysitters I've asked are not available. I still have two more on my list before I give up.

So he was totally casual, said that if I can't make it on the 24th, the next performance will be in November, then they take a few months off and resume in March. That's fine. I'll still be singing in March.

In other news, Alex's Saturday morning music class has been canceled. However, the head of the Early Childhood Department at the conservatory suggested that we either:
  1. Switch him into her Friday afternoon class
  2. Consider music therapy with one of their specialized faculty or
  3. She'll see if his regular music teacher would consider a private lesson for him at the same time as my voice lesson.
Her Fri afternoon class won't work because the two convenient ways to get to the main campus from our house are now under construction and have very out-of-the-way detours, plus the class would let out at rush hour. Rush hour + too many detours that everyone would be taking = no thanks.

I am interested to know what the difference would be between music therapy with a special ed music person and a private lesson with his current teacher, so I'll be speaking with the department head shortly. So in a way, the cancellation could be a good thing.

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