Friday, April 23, 2010

What to Sing IF I Sing

I have a bunch of upcoming events. Maybe.
  1. There's the voice evaluation for the music school in mid-May.
  2. There's possibly an Opera Project recital near the end of May. Well there's definitely an OP recital but they're not sure they have room for arias this time around - more on that later.
  3. There's the recital my teacher puts on of her students.
I'll need two songs for the evaluation, two for the student recital and one for OP if I can sing with them next month. Overlap is allowed of course.

I have three songs that I'm shuffling around for the events, plus another I can toss in for the eval.
  1. Art is Calling for Me
  2. Nel Cor and
  3. I've pulled Vedrai Carino out of the closet of my brain.

So here's how I've got it mapped out.... for now.

  1. Voice eval: Batti Batti and Nel Cor (or Art is Calling?)
  2. OP if I get in: Either Nel Cor or Vedrai Carino
  3. Student Recital: Art is Calling for Me and Nel Cor

The voice eval is a few days before the OP event. Shouldn't I sing there what I'd sing for the event? I'd certainly know by then if I'll be in. I'll find out next week. As of now they're doing tons of Wagner, the Lucia sextet and then some duets. I so want to do a duet! They told me they'd find someone for me for a duet so I'll talk to my teacher about what I could do. I'm stuck on Zerlina now and would love to do La ci darem la mano. But as usual, I need a baritone. I guess if I could possibly do it I'd just have to learn my part and ask them if anyone wants to do it with me. I feel so green about this stuff. But as usual I digress. As of now the program is full, although the fact that whatever I'd sing would be very short, like 2 minutes, is a plus.

So the plan for tomorrow's voice lesson is, I'm going to sing the three pieces for my teacher and then we'll decide together which one(s) I can get into shape to perform. I like having a plan.

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