Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday!

To me!!! The boys sang to me, reminding me again that I didn't marry Husband for his ability to carry a tune... cuz he dropped it all over the place. And of course I remember that two years ago yesterday I was in that hallway at the Met stage door, chatting with Juan Diego Florez and trying to get a decent pic with the iPhone.

Still don't know if I'm singing in the upcoming Opera Project recital. I'll go either way. I mean, obviously I'd go if I were singing... duh... but also I'll go if I'm not.

Today Alex and I sang together on the swing set. His current obsessions are Star Wars and Indiana Jones. Not only does he know all the music from all of the movies he's seen so far (3 of each!) he also has the Wii Lego game for each and knows all the music for each level in each movie on the games. He can explain the difference between the music of each movie in the Lego game and the actual movie ... and the differences in the theme songs between movies... and he knows the music for each character. He knows the backgrounds and the main melodies. He's taught me the background music so I can chant that while he does the melody. And we do all this while swinging on the swing set. In the correct pitch of course!! It's great fun... and no doubt tedious as heck to anyone else.

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Raisa said...

Happy Birthday, Susan!
Lots of great performances and opera outings in the upcoming year!
All my best wishes!