Friday, April 30, 2010


I have never been to the circus. Yes it's true. I remember when our aunt took my older brothers, saying I was too young to go. More likely two kids at once was all she could handle. And of course they brought me a flashlight. So I am very excited to report that I'm going!!! I'm going to the circus!! And this time I'll get to buy my very own flashlight! I'm very excited, and of course not thinking about all the anti-circus animal lovers out there. I'm going for the acrobats and trapeze artists. And of course the flashlight. And if you read that description in the link - motorcycle riders inside a sphere cage!!! High wire acrobatics!! Elephants!!!

Then later that same day is the Opera Project recital. I'm assuming that they won't have room for me and my short little very short 2 minute Nel Cor song but I'll go anyway to cheer from the audience because I'm like that. I cheer. And I'll bring my flashlight!!

Unless, of course, I join the circus after the show. You never know.


Maria said...

I have taken the gkids to that same Circus about 3 times. You will get the cool flashlight, however, you should hold out for the spinning elephant light - I have two of those sitting in my toy room even as we speak. $40.00 down the drain, but they are cool during the show, in the darkness.

Susan said...

And they'll be a big hit at the Met when I go to see Cosi in November. Thanks for the tip.

Simone said...

Have a great time...maybe you can upgrade the swing to a trapeze!