Thursday, April 29, 2010

Vocal Hormones

Not much to post but I feel the need to write... something... so I'm going with another one of those, "open the window and the words will come" moments.

Ok, here's something I've noticed over the past... well, more than the past year. I hope it's not a TMI type entry... that said...

Monthly cycles. We've all heard (unless you haven't, in which case, now you have) that the hormone changes affect your voice. Water retention and who knows what else, right? Well for me, I have noticed that just before my period, during the infamous PMS time when I hate everyone and everything, my voice sounds great. To me. Fascinating, because you'd think that I'd be even harsher on myself at that particular time in my cycle, since I am for everything else about myself. The mom guilt, the extra weight and so on... but I am pleased by how I can sing during PMS. In fact I can tell by the change in my voice that my period is coming in a few days. How wacky is that? Imagine how I'd feel about how I sound then if I sounded that way two weeks later. Or earlier. You do the math.
So I feel lucky that while I'm busy beating myself up for all the other stupid stuff, I don't do it about my singing. And also I know that if I ever do get the urge to have my singing skills beaten down during that time, I can always call my mom and sing for her. As much as she'll brag to the relatives, she doesn't hesitate to tell me to stop singing. At least she's consistent. Just like the monthly changes in my voice.

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