Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sitting and Staring and Skirts with Heels

Spring weather is daydream weather! I've found myself sitting and staring a lot. Ok to be honest I did that all winter too. Let's face it, I do it all the time. I truly understand how my cat can sit on the couch, facing the back of the couch, eyes open, not moving. I'm so there.

Just now I was sitting and staring at the Operatic Anthology book I got several months ago - "Celebrated Arias Selected from Operas by Old and Modern Composers, Volume I, Soprano." I'm not familiar with most of the arias, although I've heard of most (but not all) of the operas. So I'm sitting here wondering, how do I know which, if any, of these would be appropriate for me to learn? Just an idle daydream, really. I keep flipping through it, imagining what the arias sound like. I could search on YouTube but that would require more effort.

Geez I sound depressed - sitting and staring, things taking too much effort...

Well perhaps a little Mozart will help!! Because I'm now going to announce that Thursday, the day after tomorrow, is the day I'll be seeing Die Zauberflote. Mozart!!! My plan is to wear the same outfit I wore for the Opera Project recital, you know, the one I kept stepping on and tripping over. At least I know the tags are off. Can't verify at the moment if the little plastic thing that holds the tags on is still there. I'm sure I'll forget to check until I feel something poking me during the overture.

Then the following day is the Armida final dress, if I figure out how to get the ticket that has been set aside for me. I have to check with weather but I think I'm going with the long, multi-colored skirt I wore to Carmen, Lucia and Grapes. I figure I was with different people for each of those so it's not like anyone will notice that I'm wearing the same skirt. Then a white lacy tank-top with a green blouse that matches the green in the skirt, and low-heeled brown boots. A fashion expert at Glamour actually gave me advice on what to wear - she recommended a day dress with heels, or slacks with a jacket and heels. I have neither of those outfits, so... a skirt and boots it is. But hey, at least the boots have a heel. Sort of.

Yeah, maybe it's time to go stare at the insides of my eyelids... Opera keeping me awake again and all that.


Raisa said...

Should you go to "Armida" are you staying overnight in NYC or are you going twice?
Talking about Rossini, I hear "Rossini's" is a nice dining place.

Susan said...

I'll be staying overnight either way. If Armida doesn't work out, Husband and Alex will prob come into the city and we'll go to the Museum of Natural History.
Never heard of Rossini's restaurant but you know I'll google them after I post this comment. :)