Sunday, April 18, 2010

"Futures" Sticker Shock

Holy Cow!!! After conferring with my neighbor about which operas he and his wife want to see and on which day of the week, yesterday I purchased 2 subscriptions for the Saturday 6 series at the Met, Grand Tier Rear. The total was just under $2000. On my credit card. Divided into four payments. At least there's that. And the neighbor is taking 4 of the 6 performances so I'll get a chunk of the money back... but still... when they gave me the total, I think my heart rate increased a little. But now I am guaranteed tickets in the Grand Tier Rear for the two operas I want to see, Cosi fan tutti and Le Comte Ory. My neighbor will be keeping the Armida tickets and trading the others. I'll have to do it for them since the subscription is in my name, but I don't mind. I had originally wanted to go mid-week because the tickets are about $50 cheaper per seat, but then I figured that since I always take the next day off from work which is a "loss" of way more than $50, I still come out ahead by going on Saturday. Also there was no mid-week series with the two operas both in it. So now I am set and don't have to worry about switching tickets for myself. Plus, if Husband comes with me (as I may insist he do for Le Comte) we'll have an easier time finding a babysitter. I already know who wants to come along to Cosi.

And the best thing of all is, I don't have to sit around the day single tickets go on sale to the general public, waiting to get through online or on the phone!

As far as what to wear to these events... well, that all depends on how much ice-cream I eat this summer.


Raisa said...

Congratulations - we might bump into each other at Le Comte! I was seriously thinking about going on that Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, I can get a good single ticket.

Susan said...

My tickets are for a Saturday night performance, not the matinee. Re: single tickets... I'm sending you an email.

Heidi said...

I wandered over to your blog after viewing some of your great Top Gunn vids on YouTube. Thanks for posting! I am envious of all the great stuff you get to see living in NYC.

Susan said...

Hi Heidi! Thanks for the comment. "Top Gunn?" Haha! Go here for more:

You get plenty of great stuff in Chicago! I once flew out there to see an opera. Go back in the blog to Feb, March and April of 2008 to read about it.

I'm closer to Philadelphia than NYC, however the train station for the NYC train is only 15 minutes away. I do feel lucky! :)

Heidi said...

Oh... those vids are awesome! Thanks for the link.

I can't take credit for the Top Gunn nickname -- that's what the barihunks blogger calls him! And yes, Chicago does do well... but I'm leaving soon. Oh well.

Susan said...

Here at "I'd Rather Be Sleeping" he's been known as The Gunnster. Among other things.