Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Learning Experience Recital

I've been avoiding writing about Saturday's recital because I just wasn't happy with my performance.

But I'll write about it anyway.

This recital was on the main campus of Westminster Conservatory. My voice lessons are on one of the satellite campuses. There are a few satellite campuses in the area. They decided to have each satellite teacher to send 1 student over to the main campus for a recital. I was one of two voice students... oh and I was the only adult. There were 17 of us. We sat in order of appearance in the first row. I was 2nd to last. At the other end, the earliest performers sat, their legs dangling because they didn't reach the floor. Yep, we're talking, 5 and 6 year old kids getting up and playing piano and violin. Then a few tweens playing wind and brass, a few piano, a teen singer who sang some show tune, and me. And these kids were so cute, and performed as you'd expect a talented kid of their age to perform... and the audience was all their parents and grandparents.

As it got closer and closer to my turn I found myself getting nervous. I had this sudden fear of forgetting the words, of not having warmed up enough, anything... Seriously. So when I got up, I explained in 20 seconds what the aria was about, then sang. First off, in rehearsal the accompanist and I decided she would play a chord and then start. She played a note and I was like, wait, that's not a chord, but I think that's what she's doing, so I went with it.

I felt like I forgot all I had learned. I sang nicely enough but not operatically. I forgot to make the notes ring. I had to struggle to get vibrato. I was actually sharp on some of the high notes. Husband made a video but I'm too embarrassed to even post it. I know, I know, even the most talented of singers don't like how they sound in video recordings, but trust me... it was bad. I'll post snippets of the video, but not the really cringy parts.

At the end of the event, they gave out these certificates.

Yes, I am a participant. In a fit of unnecessary paranoia I just removed my last name from the photo, not that it would make a difference... but whatever... Anyway then they told us to all group together so our parents could take group photos. Um, my parents are in Florida... so... this is about half the group. The little ones are farther down to the right.

So I figure if nothing more, it's a learning experience. Afterward my teacher was nice enough but, "We'll talk next week." gulp. Yeah, can we skip that part? I pretty much know I sucked, thanks.

Here's the ending. The best of a bad performance... that should give you an idea. This is bad. Imagine very, very worse for the rest.


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