Monday, January 4, 2010

Some Bel-ish Canto-ish

Pretty much lifting this blog posting from a fellow Gunnfan and Blogger who happens to also be a very nice guy and won't mind at all that I'm being a copycat.

Giuseppe Filianoti and Nathan Gunn — Venti scudi — L’elisir d’amore

As usual, if my blog format chops off a piece of the window, click through to YouTube to see it all.


Banawoman said...

Didn't he recently journal about growing facial hair? Ye Gods--I hope this isn't the result.

Susan said...

I believe that was for Barber in LA, after suffering through this glued-on mustache.

Susan said...

Of course I could be wrong. I have enough trouble keeping my own life straight... Can't keep track of someone else's.