Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Accessorizing for Carmen

I've narrowed my restaurant choices to two for tomorrow, but I still don't know what to wear!!!

At this point it's down to two non-matching accessories: A necklace and a purse.

The necklace is really cool - more so because I got it in a pile of junk, broken jewelry and loose beads for which I paid $8. Here's a photo of it, next to some earrings I had made last year to match a different necklace:

And here are pictures of the back to show the clasp:

Isn't that cool? Mixed in with a pile of broken stuff??!! I would have paid more than $8 for the necklace alone.

So if I wear the necklace, I have to wear brown. I'd wear this brown top with a multicolor, ankle-length peasant-type skirt and grey pumps. The problem is that all my brown purses are sort of clunky and not very elegant. I have one maybe... but it might be too small to hold all my girlie things and the little camera.

If I bring my black purse I can fit all my stuff but then I can't really wear the brown... which means no brown necklace. And I really want to wear the necklace. But can one wear brown to the Met? The rhinestone bling really dresses it up, but still... the old fallback, long black skirt with the flowers and black top, would go with the purse. On the other hand, the purse has seen better days and I actually had to do some surgery on it today with... yes... packing tape. The lining was torn and it was that or black electrical tape. Hey at least I didn't go with silver duct tape. It doesn't really show, although I know it's there. How classy to wear a purse repaired with packing tape??? Ha! But at least I'd be in black. So I guess I'm leaning toward taking the chance on the brown and choosing between the least clunky of my brown purses.

Well here's a thought. Because we'll be walking uptown from Penn Station, I'll be wearing my hiking shoes and carrying my dainty shoes in a little shopping bag. I could also carry whatever little extras don't fit into the purse. Oh plus I'll have a coat. A ... purple raincoat. Classy again. BUT it has many large pockets.

There. Problem solved. I'll wear the new necklace and the brown-based outfit, carry a brown purse and will stash whatever doesn't fit in the purse in the inside pocket of my coat.

I'll post dress-up photos at some point. And don't be surprised if I end up in the black. With the brown necklace....

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